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  • On Facebook, this girl expressed her anger because of the attack her family endured in Shashemene. The Qerro are circulating this picture on Facebook with a photo of her brother and her home asking their group to attack them.

Watch her expressing here anger because of the attack on her family

  • This girl works for Facebook. They are accusing her of having Oromo accounts closed and they are asking the address of her family so that they will be attack them. This happens in US soil!
  • ቄሮ በኦሮምያ ክልል ሻሸመኔ ያደረገው የሽብር ተግባር

Human Atrocity by Ethno-Religious Hooligans in Ethiopia!
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Human Atrocity by Ethno-Religious Hooligans in Ethiopia!

Joint Statement by Amhara Association of Europe (AAE), Amhara Association of America (AAA), and Amhara Professionals Union (APU-AMBA) - November 7, 2019

Killing of non-Oromos - witnesses
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Killing of non-Oromos - witnesses

On Tuesday 29 June 2020 night, a popular Ethiopian-Oromo artist/singer Hachalu Hundesa was shot and pronounced dead at a hospital in Addis Ababa. Immediately, after the death of Hachalu Hundesa, many extremist Oromos politicized his death and called young Oromos to protest.


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